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/*! \file vt100.h \brief VT100 terminal function library. */
// File Name    : 'vt100.h'
// Title                : VT100 terminal function library
// Author               : Pascal Stang - Copyright (C) 2002
// Created              : 2002.08.27
// Revised              : 2002.08.27
// Version              : 0.1
// Target MCU   : Atmel AVR Series
// Editor Tabs  : 4
// NOTE: This code is currently below version 1.0, and therefore is considered
// to be lacking in some functionality or documentation, or may not be fully
// tested.  Nonetheless, you can expect most functions to work.
///     \ingroup general
/// \defgroup vt100 VT100 Terminal Function Library (vt100.c)
/// \code #include "vt100.h" \endcode
/// \par Overview
///             This library provides functions for sending VT100 escape codes to
///     control a connected VT100 or ANSI terminal.  Commonly useful functions
/// include setting the cursor position, clearing the screen, setting the text
/// attributes (bold, inverse, blink, etc), and setting the text color.  This
/// library will slowly be expanded to include support for codes as needed and
/// may eventually receive VT100 escape codes too.
// This code is distributed under the GNU Public License
//              which can be found at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt

#ifndef VT100_H
#define VT100_H

#include "global.h"

// constants/macros/typdefs
// text attributes
#define VT100_ATTR_OFF          0
#define VT100_BOLD                      1
#define VT100_USCORE            4
#define VT100_BLINK                     5
#define VT100_REVERSE           7
#define VT100_BOLD_OFF          21
#define VT100_USCORE_OFF        24
#define VT100_BLINK_OFF         25
#define VT100_REVERSE_OFF       27

// functions

//! vt100Init() initializes terminal and vt100 library
///             Run this init routine once before using any other vt100 function.
void vt100Init(void);

//! vt100ClearScreen() clears the terminal screen
void vt100ClearScreen(void);

//! vt100SetAttr() sets the text attributes like BOLD or REVERSE
///             Text written to the terminal after this function is called will have
///             the desired attribuutes.
void vt100SetAttr(u08 attr);

//! vt100SetCursorMode() sets the cursor to visible or invisible
void vt100SetCursorMode(u08 visible);

//! vt100SetCursorPos() sets the cursor position
///             All text which is written to the terminal after a SetCursorPos command
///             will begin at the new location of the cursor.
void vt100SetCursorPos(u08 line, u08 col);


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