The whole content of this web is copyrighted material and remains as is even if it is stored or spread by any means (web, computer, operational memory).


The authors gives the project as is without any warranty. They particularly do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and suitability for any purpose. Thinking is required.

What is allowed

It is possible to use the project for noncommercial purposes and for personal studying. Commercial organizations may use it for their own internal needs but as a part of training of their customers or partners.

Original and derived project may be published provided that they contain link to MLAB web http://www.mlab.cz and that the information about original authors is preserved.

What is not allowed

To use project for commercial purpose, especially for profit. It is not allowed to manufacture the MLAB devices or modules and sell them and to publish MLAB documentation by print or publish it with another commercial documentation.

It is not allowed to modify the project and deploy it as commercial project.


It is possible to use MLAB against the rules above with agreement of the authors only. If you are not sure consult with authors.