Frequently Asked Questions

Another questions can be answered via the Mailing list.

I don't understand Czech. What should I do?

Because we are not English native speakers it is not easy to write large English texts. We hope that the most information is international (schematics, pictures, sources) so only the detailed text can be problem. If you have any question, please ask us and we will try to answer.

I have found a bug or typo. What should I do?

Let us know or you should use wiki to correct it.

Where are design files?

All design data (schematic files, PCB files, sources and so on) is stored in SubVersion database on our server. You can browse the database using your web client because we have WebSVN server. You can browse or look at any single file or you can download the whole (compressed) subdirectory of the project you are interested in.
Other possibility is to install SubVersion client on your computer and download what ever you wish. How to do it is written on Download Page.

Why you do not use git?

Git is perfectly suitable to software development. But MLAB is focused on hardware which leads to many binary files incompatible with git powerfull merge tools.

Where is the partlist?

Detailed partlist (Bill of Material) in XLS format is usually stored in SCH directory of the project.

I don't understand the directory structure. How to understand it?

The directory structure is documented but not in English so you have to help yourself. We are trying to use the same directory structure for all projects (both modules and designs).

Can I buy complete modules?

Some modules are available at the internet store of UST - Universal Scientific Technologies company. If you wish to buy some designs for cryptocurrency conins, please contact Jakub Kákona (