Possibilities to expand MLAB project.

You have many options to expand this project. We have there some Wiki where you can write your experience with our system. You can found there ToDo list as well. But we will be pleased if you write us about existing solution of the same problem.

Or you can download some repository and expand MLAB by your construction skill. And if you are unable to get some special components you may find help at Universal Scientific Technologies where they try to help you and provide realization of complicated PCB. Write to E-mail to get more information.

Project can be supported also by donation of some value. The bitcoin is ideal currency for this purpose. : You can send some to our bitcoin address 1KUQraiy7pg8qvAfuK4DKWSAcGJhDt45w7. We are even accepting bitcoins for payments to our solutions and modules. QR code with MLAB project bitcoin address